Anyone know the answer to this?

I’ve been really puzzled by this unanswered question, and am hoping some of you can give me an educated guess, if not an answer. I’ve been buying my groceries at Cold Storage and Supernature, and both of them carry products by Bob’s Red Mill. However, all of Bob’s Red Mill’s products at Cold Storage have been covering a section of the label that, in my opinion, has nothing wrong with it and may in fact boost sales if consumers read it.

This is the one at Cold Storage

This is the uncovered pack bought at Supernature

Words written on the label

I was thinking maybe it could be a company policy or something along the lines of those.. But still, I am really curious. If any of you has the answer, or have any rough idea, do comment to let me know! This little sticker on my Cold Storage bought pack is driving me curiously crazy.


4 thoughts on “Anyone know the answer to this?

    • Ahh.. So I believe it’s a matter of subjectivity here. Some people may take it to heart (no pun intended!) that decrease in total fat will lead to reduced risk of heart disease and some cancer. Point taken! 😀

    • If I’m lucky, the one at King Albert Park sometimes stock organic romaine lettuce, herb mix and celery. But Cold Storage varies their stock from time to time, at least for the organic vegetables. 😦

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