Not all vegetarians are healthy

I, myself, eat more vegetables than meat nowadays. But I don’t believe I can eliminate from eating meat entirely even if I wanted to. Most vegetarians and people who suffer from eczema, needs vitamin B12 which can only be found from natural animal sources. I have occasional flare ups from eczema, thus, can never do without vitamin B12 and besides, I don’t believe in taking supplement pills. My point here is, being vegetarian is a healthy choice. However, just like everything else, you have to take in a good variety of foods to be healthy and this rule applies to vegetarians as well.

I’ve known a couple of vegetarians before I was food conscious and they (not every vegetarians) were always weak, tired and stressed. They weren’t exactly healthy at all, or so it seemed like it. It’s only now as I start being more aware of what I eat, that I realized those friends of mine, who are vegetarians, consume as much (maybe even more!) junk and processed foods as those who weren’t vegetarians. Yes, I understand some vegetarians choose not to eat meat because of the morals and ethics of slaughter houses. But really, I think it’s a very bad thing to do to yourself when you limit yourself to all foods that do not contain animal products, but eat everything else.

I do promote people to eat more vegetables and fruits than meat, but the message I’m sending is to be healthy, love your body, and learn to treat your body better. So whatever your diet may be, as long as you are getting the nutrients you need, that’s all there is to it. EAT YOUR VEGGIES AND FRUITS!! 😀

4 thoughts on “Not all vegetarians are healthy

  1. Nice article! I have the same view too..Taking everything in moderation is the best! These days, I am already trying to consume more vegetables and fruits than usual 🙂

  2. I fully agree with your statement. Yes, not all vegetarians are healthy! That’s the response when I tell people around me that I’ve made a choice to eat organic…and when they replied that they know of vegetarians who are unhealthy. Duh, vegetarians can eat chips and chocolates all day and be considered vegetarians. In fact, I tell people that I am a most-of-the-time vegetarian (occasional eggs and fish) for health reasons, and NOT for moral or religious purposes. My food choices are to avoid non-processed food (no mock meat!), “white” products (salt, sugar, flour, rice), dairy and related products (drinking hormone laded milk will create havoc to … your hormones *obviously*), and minimal baked goods (bread, cakes, pastries included). I eat organic vegetables/ fruits as much as possible. And very quickly, my mom got on to the bandwagon after I kept buying lots organic groceries to fill up the fridge.

    • That’s amazing to hear your mom starting to adopt your eating habits! Right now, none of my other family members, except my partner, are convinced they need to eat organic or even healthy. I guess I have to be more convincing! 🙂

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