How I improved my eczema

I used to think having eczema was like having a certain trait of the body that I cannot change and that I have to live with it. For years my skin was sensitive, prone to itchiness and hives, and was told that because it’s genetic, there’s nothing much I can do about it. How wrong that was.

While it is true that I cannot completely eradicate eczema, I can significantly reduce its flare ups and the inconvenience that it causes. The first thing I did was replace my body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and facial wash with organic ones and they were not only gentler on skin but also free of sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) especially. There’s also the famous ‘dirty dozen’ ingredients in the products that I replaced, but that’s another story in another post. For me, SLS was the largest irritant for my skin and I assume for most people with eczema, that would be too.

Simply by removing these items my skin seemed calmer during and after showers. There wasn’t any more ‘squeaky’ clean feeling after, which was what triggered the itch in my skin. From there, I started keeping a little notebook to note my diet whenever I get an eczema flare up. Sounds tedious, but really, it doesn’t take more than a minute just to write down what you ate.

I found out eliminating dairy, grains, and gluten and wheat free products helped tremendously in preventing an eczema flare up. Also, eating foods rich in B6 and B12 foods will boost the healing of your eczema over time. Not only did that prevent flare ups, i found that I barely needed moisturizing as much as I did before. I also avoid refined carbohydrates such as white rice and white sugar. If I have to, I’d take brown rice over white rice.

Avoid white rice if you can

Sadly, I find not eating white rice the hardest because in Singapore it seems everyone eats white rice. Whenever I’m with relatives and they see that I haven’t touched my rice, they tend to make fun of me, thinking I’m afraid to put on weight. Frustrating as it is, I stuck by it.

Only recently I realized I’m allergic to corn too, as I had quite a severe bout of eczema just hours after eating it that lasted a couple of days. That recent hiccup made me realize how much my eczema improved because in the past, I loved to eat corn and i never remembered having a significant flare up after eating because my skin was always itchy! But now it’s as clear as night and day.

If you too suffer from occasional bouts of eczema flare ups, try changing your diet instead of focusing on topical solutions. You may find that it works even faster and more efficiently.

7 thoughts on “How I improved my eczema

  1. Hi Cassie,
    How do you manage not to eat rice at all? Being an Asian, it is indeed a tough job..So what do you basically have for your main meals then? Also, regarding the green smoothies, I have been drinking it diligently for 2 weeks now and there’s definitely improvement in my skin in general. But my question is, do you still drink it during menstrual period? I have period pain every month so that’s an issue for me. Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks!

    • For me I just normally eat the dishes without rice, or use buckwheat pasta to make pasta. The hard part is explaining to people why I’m not eating rice though. Haha! That’s good to hear there’s an improvement in your skin! I do drink it even when I’m on my period and honestly I’m not sure whether it will affect cramps or not.. The only difference I noticed in my period after drinking the juice is I hardly have any pre menstrual symptoms though. If you’re feeling brave you could give it a shot? :p

      • I always have cramps during that time of the month and I am worried drinking the sorta ‘cold’ smoothie will make it worse. My mum warns me too..But, I really don’t wish to stop drinking it just because of that.

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