Why organic skincare too?

If you are like me, you would be wondering at one point or another, how in the world does ‘organic’ apply to the skincare department. Truth is, though widely known but never really emphasized, our skin is our largest organ covered all of our body. And it does absorb what is being slathered on it too.

Some of you think the amount being absorbed is too little to cause much damage. But do you know our body accumulates toxins? Think of all the products you have used on your body in your lifetime, and imagine if just one of them has a teaspoon amount of toxic ingredient, do you think you would have accumulated quite a substantial amount by now? Truth is, most of the products you are using have at least one ingredient that is a known carcinogen.

This video does a very visualized and simple explanation why you should opt for organic products that are free of man-made chemicals and from natural ingredients. Though organic skincare are the best options, if you ask me, I would say get what you need from your diet and work on looking good from inside out.