Cooking attempt #1

I contemplated really hard as to whether I should post this up or not. I have no idea what this dish would be called, but it’s basically simmered broccoli, red bell peppers and shitake mushrooms. Along with it is some pan simmered (?) noodles. It turned out surprisingly nice actually. These pictures were taken on impulse while cooking and it doesn’t look exactly good but that’s what happens when you are cooking and trying to snap the best picture at the same time. I’d still give myself points for effort though! And my partner liked it, so I don’t think it was bad at all. 😀

What I did was make my own soup stock from scratch. I am particularly proud of being able to make my soup stock from fresh ingredients as I used to rely on packaged soup stock that can be found in supermarkets. I added chicken with bones, parsley, corriander, onions, garlic and some chili to the pot and filled it with water. I left it to boil and then simmer for around an hour. When it’s done, I removed the chicken and separated the meat from the bones, and kept the soup aside.

Next I stir fried some garlic in olive oil on my pan and added the red bell peppers and mushrooms. Then I put some of the soup stock in the pan and added the broccoli and left it to simmer. After that I used the remaining soup stock to boil and cook the noodles. When it was cooked, I put it in the pan and stir fry (?) it a little and added a little light soy sauce.

I mentioned that I stir fry, but there wasn’t any real frying just lots of stirring in the pan.. So I really have no idea how to describe it!

Well, there you have it. An attempt on stir-frying noodles and a very bad description of my dish on this blog. Today’s lesson also made me aware that I have very little utensils I can use at home, but it was really fun!